About Us

V TechMakkers is one of the leading construction and mining equipment manufacturers in India. We are a pioneer in manufacturing high grade and unmatched crushing and screening equipments that help resolve our customers’ crushing needs. We have a rich experience of design and manufacturing excellence.

We are believe in providing world-class solutions to meet our customers’ requirements; we are dedicated to offer our customers advanced machinery and top notch service. We adhere to the industry quality standards and utilize innovative manufacturing ideas to provide consistent service to our customers.

Process efficiency and reliability are an integral part of our core values that lead to the success of our customers’ operations. We provide sustainable solutions that meet a plethora of needs in the mining, construction and quarrying industries. We are extremely committed to safety of our customers as well as our environment. Our equipments use lesser power and are highly efficient. Our equipments are made up of high quality material that aid in achieving production targets.

We have a long standing prominence in the crushing and grinding industry; our associates have many years of experience and equipment knowledge that aid them in meeting the specific needs of customers. We strive to provide safe, reliable and cost effective solutions that result in maximum return on investment.