Impact Crusher

V TechMakkers offer robust impact crushers that are simple in structure and provide smooth operation. They have high crushing efficiency and consume lesser power.The impact crusher is a widely used equipment in rock mining, stone crushing and quarrying to crush all kinds of ores, bauxite, cement and a variety of minerals. The raw materials when fed into the crusher are crushed by an impeller rotating at high speed.

Different grades of materials can be produced by changing the gap between the impacting plates. Our impact crushers are made up of anti-abrasion materials that reduce wear and tear and hence prolong the life of the crusher. They are designed using latest manufacturing technology that enable crushing of even the hardest of rocks with high efficiency.

Our impact crushers have simple design and are easy to install with high mechanical reliability. They ensure rugged and reliable operation with simple maintenance and interchangeable wear parts. The robust steel fabrication guarantees consistent performance and long service life. Our impact crushers help achieve a higher reduction ratio with fewer crushing stages thereby lowering operating and maintenance costs. Our impact crushers are ideal for producing a variety of quality end products where shape and consistency are of paramount importance.


  • High crushing ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple structure
  • Steady performance
  • High production capacity
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance

Impact Crusher Imagery